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Guruji-1With the blessings of H.H. Sri Sri.Sri Bharathirheertha Mahaswamyji’s, to provide vedic solutions for all types of human problems and to expand vedic culture, we have started the program as said by vedas –

वेदोऽनित्यमधीयताम् तदुदितम् कर्मस्वनुष्ठीयताम्

                   Veda abhyasa should be done regularly. Karmas mentioned therein in Vedas should be practiced to ward off various sins done in the past. we undergo sufferings and pain due to various circumstances .All these for example can be traced to our past actions which has resulted in current sufferings.To ward off these sufferings we resort to various shanti homas and pujas.

Every Human being may undergo sufferings and pain due to his family circumstances, career, job, business and relationships ,property matters,children sufferings, diseases ,loss due to various reasons.All these can be attributed to our past actions in this birth or previous births. To ward off the negative and bad effects we perform various homas to get the beneficial results we require in our present circumstances.

पूर्वजन्म क्रुतम् पापम् व्यधिरूपेण बाधते तच्छान्तिरौषधैर्दानैः जपहोमसुरार्चनैः

Every human being wants to have the supreme state of happiness irrespective of his circumstances be it personal ,business or professional. Hence performance of homas and pujas will yield great benefits to such individuals who do it. We strictly follow the verdicts given in the Shastras and Vedas. It has been mentioned in the shastras and Vedas as to how to lead a happy and prosperous life irrespective of the individuals situations and circumstances.The shastras and Vedas are the guiding ling in this aspect.We have observed the sufferings of people in all categories, and we have decided to reach out and help them not with the intention of worldly aspirations but just to drive home the shastric and vedactic injunctions for attaining happiness and properity in any ones life.
Shri Gopikrishna Sharma Garu, a versatile and well educated scholars in Atharva veda and rigveda as well as shastras,has been performing various homas , yagnas and pujas across the country for over a decade now.He can organize various homas however big and complicated with relative ease along with his fellow vedic pundits.